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We are honoured to be considered “tailors of the stone” and are proud of our job. We use refined materials and take advantage of the technology and our manufacturing talent. The result is an environment and product that perfectly represents the expectations of our customer. Faithful to the deisgn that identifies us, we eliminate the classification of “product lines” and leave space for “stylistic philosophies”, which help for our customers to have inspiration and style without limiting the creativity in modules and measures.

OF Outdoor Kitchens

Officine Fanesi kitchens are made entirely of stainless steel 304 or 316 and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. We have observed a growing demand for outdoor kitchens, this sign of interest not only from architects but also from private individuals has given us opportunities to expand and become one of the best on the market. The know-how of Officine Fanesi’s modular kitchens has therefore given rise to a more economical product, simple to manage and accessible to everyone: OF outdoorkitchens.

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