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For more than 70 years, Liebherr has been offering a constantly evolving range of sophisticated products and services. Sophisticated practicality, proven, mature technical solutions and consistently high quality expectations ensure customer benefit and satisfaction in all product areas.


Miele achieves outstanding efficiency with minimal energy consumption. Whether it is a classic rotary knob, a sensor knob or a high-resolution touchscreen like your smartphone. Miele is always easy and fun to use. Miele is the epitome of clean forms and timeless elegance.


Xinnix creates door systems which allow the integration of every door in every wall, in a “frameless” way. With a frameless door system, the door leaf and the wall melt into each other. Painted in the same colour of the wall, you get a discrete timeless finish.
The name Xinnix (C nix; see nothing) perfectly describes the result that our door systems achieve, seamless invisible doors. To achieve these doors without jambs, we use an aluminium frame that is placed into the wall.

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